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Matthias Mende

Founder of Bonuz Co-Founder of The Dubai Blockchain Center


Matthias Mende is a German entrepreneur who has called UAE his home since 2007. In 2016, Mende developed an interest in Bitcoin, which drove him to research further into blockchain technology. He is a key opinion leader and influencer with followers of more than 300,000 across his social media platforms. In the past, Mende has been involved in crypto-mining, trading, and enterprise blockchain development.

Currently, Mende serves as an advisor to the German HYGH AG and to the CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center, which Mende also is a Co-founder of. Nowadays, he is dedicated to building the Bonuz Project - a multi-chain socialfi and gamefi web3 eco-system with its own non-custodial self-sovereign decentralized social identity wallet, its native currency, dynamic smart NFTs such as vouchers, certificates, and more. Bonuz's first phase aims to gamify the real world starting with events, venues, and all types of functions that involve real humans in order to provide a more efficient mutual experience.

Dubai, UAE | 2023